The Artisan Ether - New ideas are taking shape...
Artisan Industrials is a company based on the idea that the things you choose to surround yourself with can have a positive influence on your personal sense of well-being. Founded in 1998 by Artisan-based Industrial designer Jim Tallman (hence the name, Artisan Industrials) the company is the legal business entity and creative vehicle that allows Jim to create, produce, and present unique products and inspirational ideas that can elevate the human spirit.
An Artisan knows how to combine natural phenomena with the elements of design in order to create a positive emotional response. An Industrialist knows how to produce things in a cost effective manner in order to make them available at a reasonable price. Artisan Industrials is a modern interpretation of the classic Artisan ideal, combined with the Industrial strength savvy required to make our original ideas available to as many people as we can.
In the beginning Artisan Industrials was primarily involved with custom projects for private individuals and institutional clients. We still design our shopping mall and restaurant art, indoor fountains and custom sundials individually for each commercial or private client, and in July 2002 we began to offer Jim Tallman's signature Spectra Sundial on our web site. As time goes on we will continue to introduce more original ideas that have been designed for delight, along with a steady stream of interesting links and inspirational content for your mind and spirit.
In addition to offering unique objects for your physical environment, we also provide interesting content for your philosophical and intellectual environments as well. We believe that by providing for these important aspects of your human experience...your mind, heart, spirit and personal surroundings...we can help you achieve an enhanced level of harmony and personal well-being in your life. It is our overall mission and most sincere desire to leave you better than you were before you found us.
New ideas are taking shape...

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