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Occasionally we hear back from people who have been pleased or impressed with our online presence. Here are some of the comments that we have been receiving about the Artisan web site. If you enjoyed your visit and would like to see your thoughts included here, get in touch and let us know what you think!
"What a great Web site! Talk about inspiring a 'new beginning'!
The Quotes and Musings sections of the Artisan Web site leave one feeling inspired and up-lifted. A new day, a new thought...a passionate HOPE...that's what we all need more of. I'm going to make visiting this web site part of my day. Morning, afternoon or evening, it matters not the time...I will come away strengthened."
Phoebe, Ohio
"I have been leisurely wandering amid your thoughts.
If a person was to visit all the links (which do indeed look inviting and worthy) a person would never get up from the chair.
I would recommend your web site for the intelligent housebound recuperating person. What a treasure of inspirational and uplifting materials, presented with insight and creative flair! One gets the feeling generated in the movie 'National Treasure' when the amazingly intricate and far-reaching treasure rooms were finally discovered. Thank you!"
Dawn, Ohio
"You have put together an extremely beautiful as well as informative web site, and I really enjoyed my visit. The Spectra is one of the most unique and exquisite sundials I have ever seen. Your site is a source of information and inspiration for the intellectual and the curious individual, allowing a retreat into the realms of reflection, fantasy, imagination, and discovery."
Mahlon, Iowa

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