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Artisan Industrials touches the world from a small but well equipped studio and workshop near Cincinnati Ohio USA. We hope that you have enjoyed our contribution to the World Wide Web...that you have been refreshed by the character of our content. If you have any comments regarding anything you have seen here or have questions about any of our original creations we would love to hear from you - feel free to contact us directly.
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We favor the human touch in our contacts with communicating with most of our customers through personal e-mail we feel that we can better serve them and protect their privacy. All communications and personal information is held in strict confidence. We do not try to collect personal data or track the internet activities of our visitors, though we do check our web site statistics in an effort to make sure our site works well on your device...and for credit card transactions we have elected to use PayPal to handle all of the details for us. We would rather spend our time and resources enhancing the built environment and elevating your human spirit than guarding credit card numbers and other confidential financial information sent directly through our website, so we let them handle the financial transactions and currency conversions for us.
In this case, we think the simplest solution is the best solution...

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