Astronomy is beautiful...
Welcome to the astronomy links area of the Artisan website, where you will find a collection of interesting places on the web that can provide additional insight and more information about astronomy and some of the scientific concepts behind the Spectra sundial.
New astronomy links will be posted occasionally...enjoy your travels!
Astronomy Links
Sky and Telescope - This Week's Sky at a Glance
Sky and Telescope - Observing Highlights
Spaceflight Now - Get the Latest Space News Online
Astronomy Picture of the Day
FarEarth Global Observer - Observe planet Earth live through Landsat
Celestia - A Real-time Space Simulation for Exploring our Universe in 3D
NASA's Visible Earth - Images and Animations of Our Home Planet
Astronomy Net - Astronomy Resources, Images, and More
SkyMarvels - Your Guide to the Sky and Universe
How Long After Sunset Does It Get Dark?
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