Sundials are wonderful things...
Welcome to the sundial links area of the Artisan website, where you will find interesting places on the web where you can browse online sundial collections, learn more about sundials in general or in detail, and gain a better understanding of some of the scientific concepts behind the Spectra Sundial.
New sundial links will be posted occasionally...enjoy your travels!
Sundial Links
The North American Sundial Society
The British Sundial Society
SunInfo - Sundial and Sundial Society News, Information and Comment
How Sundials Work by Tony Moss
The British Sundial Society Glossary of Sundial Terminology
NOAA Sunrise/Sunset/Solar Noon Calculator
Explanation of Local Noon
Explanation of the Equation of Time and Analemma
Explanation of Why the Equinox Falls on Different Dates
Beautiful Multi-Exposure Pictures of the Analemma
The World of Artisan Sundials - Spectra Sundial Locations Worldwide
The Henry Bellmon Research Center Sundial - Designed by Jim Tallman
Find Sundial Images with Google
Sundials in Ireland
Stained Glass Sundials From Around The World
Preferred Sundial Makers and Dialing Friends
Sundial Sculptures
Original sundials from Joël Robic (France)
Precision Sundials
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